Export Documentation Services

But once the sale is made that’s not the end of it! Most businesses who “export” are not really in the exporting business. What their success actually depends on is designing, manufacturing and marketing of their products. The back-room hassles of getting their goods out of the country and collecting payment can sap the company’s administrative resources. Often the vital support role is left to staff who really don’t have the time or expertise to try to figure out the complex procedures or export documentation services!

Commercial documents for export

Now you can benefit from the care, skills and experience of Import-Export Services Pty Ltd by having us look after the exporting hassles for you. Whether it is documents required for export, export documentation procedure, exportation documents or export documentation requirements, we are here to help. Our clients range from very small to medium sized companies, from sole traders to subsidiaries of multi-billion dollar overseas companies.



Benefits you will get!

  • Liaising with your sales, accounting, production and dispatch people, and your forwarder
  • Ensuring that your shipments get out correctly and on time
  • Dealing with the paperwork (from export docs to documentation required for export)
  • Preparing all documents needed for export so that they comply with letters of credit
  • Getting you paid as soon as possible
  • Helping you deal with your bank – especially with letters of credit

We can advise on…

  • Helping you set your export pricing and payment policies
  • Which currency — who pays the freight and insurance
  • Ensuring payment for each shipment
  • Checking sales contracts — ensuring profitable sales
  • Evaluating freight forwarders
  • Comparing rates and routes and overseas representation
  • Minimizing costs
  • Getting the best service for you and your customers

Common export documents

We at EXPORT DOCUMENT SERVICE from Import-Export Services Pty Ltd work with you and for you as your own skilled and experienced shipping department. We enable your staff to get on with their main priorities while we prepare any document required for export. It doesn’t matter where you are located in Australia.

We are entirely independent of other services providers. We are not freight forwarders or brokers and do not accept commissions for your freight business. While we have experience with a number of freight professionals over many years we are just as happy to work with your preferred freight professional — but we will insist on their service levels being high. Whichever way we work for you, we will always be working in your best interests.