Export Support Services

Most businesses who export are not really in business to export. What your success actually depends on is designing, manufacturing and marketing of your products. All this up-front effort needs to be supported by someone who intimately understands the export process, to ensure that the contracts you are entering into work in your favor, especially when they are prepared by your buyer!

Introducing the EXPORT SUPPORT SERVICES from Import-Export Services Pty Ltd, the dedicated export advisers you have to look after your best interests!

You can benefit from the skills and experience that we at Import-Export Services Pty Ltd have to examine, evaluate and advise on the wording of export contracts and buyer’s purchase orders, before you sign them. This way you ensure that you are not taking on burdensome, onerous or indeed impossible-to-achieve responsibilities which may not have been discussed in detail when you were face-to-face with your customer, but crop up later in printed form.

export supportOur Offer ( l/c – Letter of credit, phytosanitary certificate, export contracts)

We also offer you the expertise to examine, evaluate and advise on letters of credit which your customers arrange in your favor, other documents like proforma invoice, phytosanitary certificate and export license will also be examined and arranged.  We’ll pick up issues which your bank and your forwarder often won’t realize are potential problems for you, whether they be documentary requirements which are impossible to meet or requirements which could seriously disadvantage you. We’ll even prepare a pro-forma L/C for you to send over to your customer so that they can in turn give it to their bank to follow.

Some of our clients have come to us with problem transactions that other advisers have not been able to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. That’s part of our challenge, to make things happen for you, to get the order moving and to get you paid! Our clients range from small to medium sized companies, from sole traders to public companies to subsidiaries of overseas companies.

The EXPORT SUPPORT SERVICES from Import-Export Services Pty Ltd can help you because we are entirely independent of other services providers. We are not freight forwarders or brokers and do not accept commissions for your freight business. While we have experience with a number of freight professionals over many years we are just as happy to work with your preferred freight professional — but we will insist on their service levels being high. Whichever way we work for you, we will always be working in your best interests.


How much does it cost you to use the EXPORT SUPPORT SERVICES from Import-Export Services Pty Ltd ? We will charge you an agreed hourly rate per assignment, regardless of the value of your export contract, plus any out-of-pocket expenses such as overseas faxes and phonecalls, courier costs, etc. Our clients often find that our fee is easily recouped many times over, because we find the potential pitfalls and hassles before they take effect.

And then there is the all-important matter of your peace-of-mind through our Professional Indemnity insurance policy for AUD 20 million cover with QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. And we guarantee your confidentiality with a written agreement.

So now that you know about the EXPORT SUPPORT SERVICE from one of the best export document specialists and you know that you can benefit by using us, why not give us a call on 07 4084 0000 or email bob@exports.com.au to arrange a no-obligation and no-charge meeting so that we can discuss your needs?